Strata Daylight in the City Lyrics

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It's the start of a bright new day as the light finds its way
Through the curtains at the end of my night.
I'm alive in a city of dead people rising for work

And as they ride through the cycle, the machine revving up,
I feel a little suicidal, just not high enough to jump.

Oh who am I kidding now?
My plan to die young, somehow is just a memory now.
It's daylight in the city, "just hold me,"
She said, "it's been a long night in the city, just hold me, hold me..."

I had an old friend who said I should run
Like today is the last of my sick, sorry little life.
As I stared into my own eyes in the mirror by my bed,
That's when I realized nobody ever told me that, I'm just afraid of dying.
She told me everything is gonna be all right, everything is gonna be just fine

Written by: Adrian Robison, Eric Victorino, Hrag Chanchanian, Ryan Hernandez

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