Park Day One and Counting Lyrics

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A voice says don't bother screaming
Day one has come and gone away
Served on this diet of needles and knives
Convincing myself to stay alive

Are these the eyelids you tried to save?
(I drink to forget your face)
We all know what goes on,
And we know just what you've done.
It is even worth it to say 'I'm sorry', just because
Such simple things I miss in spite of all this
Is it even worth it to say 'I'm sorry', just move on

A voice says 'don't bother leaving,'
Day one has come and gone away .
Choking on hopes, and words I never wrote,
I'll try to survive on this long night.

On this warm night the taste gets worse.
The lips I thought I touched now just hurt.
Come on and catch me, I know that you want me.
Its written all over your obvious arms.

And though I've tried dear
I just can't forget
The night we tasted cold blood
And kissed on the neck

The smell of your breath
The feel of your neck
The scent of assurance spilt over my neck

Written by: Gabriel James Looker, Justin Valenti, Ladd Carlock Mitchell, Miles Logan Parkhill

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