Faerghail Daughter of the Storm Lyrics

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I see the sky turning into dark
While the day is giving it's final mark
Shadows grow longer beneath the trees
As black curtain spreads all over me
And i know this is the time i've been waiting
...to see you in the shadows
Now the moon gives the only light to my eyes
As i try to search you in this obscure night
I feel your presence just like before
Thunder and rain before the storm
Like lurking in the dark
Waiting for my move
...like hunting in the shadows
Of the night, out of light you are born
Child of thunder, daughter of the storm
A scarlet diamond, midnight treasure
Purest love when pains come pleasure
One dying touch, your eyes gloom
Red tears like me in your daylight misery
Now close your eyes and see the true me
Of the night...

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