Cam'ron Dat All Lyrics

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Pull up center park in the winter time, killer time
Pull up in the dark, I got a sinner’s mind
Denis mind, you know how I get when it’s dinner time
You ain’t gotta like me but you know that I’m a winner, 5
No disrespecting micky bonds, fred sniver, la az, eminem, rich niva
But I’m top shelf, harlem hall of fame don
Atlantic side forest gump, I’m on the long run
Another piece, another tram, another brace
I need another arm,
The only 2 I respect is puff and warr
I can’t … and we got it for cheap
You know that need I need a
Just picked up 30m from netflix
Then you wonder why I don’t sweat chicks
Man I check chicks, even … know
Act right, or I’m on to the next
Nah, I love you booboo, you know I’m playing baby
Man, she know I ain’t playing baby
Y’all be playing crazy me, I be spraying 80pa9
9 tourists, I have em laying daisies
Kept the keys for flights, 8 towns
Another bird with the bird on the grey hound,
Down, down, down
I need my shorty at the atm, another at the..

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