Nocturnal Rites Dark Secret Lyrics

Tales of Mystery and Imagination Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dark Secret
  • 2 Lost in Time
  • 3 Test of Time
  • 4 Change the World
  • 5 End of the World
  • 6 The Vision
  • 7 Warriors Return
  • 8 Pentagram
  • 9 Eye of the Demon
  • 10 Ring of Steel
  • 11 The Curse
  • 12 Burn in Hell
  • 13 Living for Today (demo)
  • against the sky
    Beyond the clouds lies
    the undiscovered truth
    A realm still not known to man
    and the powers it possesses
    Now the time is soon at hand so beware

    Destined to doom by a force of the unknown
    the answer still not far away
    You all may wonder what lies beyond

    Passing away through the eye of the storm
    Sealed up inside so untouched, so secured
    In The eye of the strm lies the seceret alone
    In dark deep inside, a power so strong

    The sky starts dividing,
    and sends its wrath down to earth
    The fallen ones emerge out of the mist
    With powers never seen before,
    and the secret it withholds
    Another victim of the secret
    had come forth

    Destined to doom by...

    Through the eye of the storm ...

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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