Guided by Voices Damn Good Mr. Jam Lyrics

Static Airplane Jive Track Listing
7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Big School
  • 2 Damn Good Mr. Jam
  • 3 Rubber Man
  • 4 Hey Aardvark
  • 5 Glow Boy Butlers
  • 6 Gelatin, Ice Cream, Plum ....
  • Hoping to be the pig I am
    The pig I want to be
    The pig I've always been
    Subscribe to my church
    I'm damn good Mr. Jam
    I'm damn good Mr. Jam
    Phyllis the pretty Philadelphia
    Anybody can get nothing free
    Trained her monkey boy
    Tripped on luggage for the money
    ??Handout?? for money
    ??Handout?? for money
    Money man
    Slippery man
    Toasted man
    Anything for free x 11

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