Dawn Jay Dadam (My Heartbeat Goes Like) Lyrics

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Baby I'm not stupid
And you know I'm not dumb
I only make mistakes cuz I'm so stupidly in love
I love the way you kiss me
How your lips keep me sprung
You are my addiction my sweet drug
I just can't have enough

You're the one who understand me most
You're the jam baby I'm the toast
You and I, when we're side by side,
Going close n tight, we're sweet
I love the touch of your skin so smooth
You and I connect like Bluetooth
Girl your eyes can make ma body all weak

And ma heartbeat goes like Dadam [x5]
Every time girl that you whisper in ma ear
that we are in love
Girl you make ma heart go Dadam [x5]
When your smile brighten up ma day giving me your warmth
Like the morning sun
And my heartbeat goes like

A lil bit slower, and just a lil bit fast
Those eyes can take away my stress
or forget my past
Just how the way make me
Miss you much all day long
It's like my life ain't complete girl without you
My world ain't whole

[Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

(And my heart beat goes)
So slowly when I'm touched by an angel
That fills my whole world with her smiles
You blessed me with a love so special
Like I’m in the heaven tonight (tonight)

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