Bride DadMom Lyrics

Scarecrow Messiah Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Beast
  • 2 Place
  • 3 Murder
  • 4 Scarecrow
  • 5 Crazy
  • 6 Time
  • 7 One
  • 8 Doubt
  • 9 DadMom
  • 10 Thorns
  • 11 Questions
  • Dad I love you, Mom I love you so much
    Please don't go, I know you miss me so much
    I want you so much Jesus cares about us
    dad I love you, Mom I love you so much
    I know you want to be with me
    Dad she's coming back to me
    Momma was gone, she said she's coming back
    I never stopped being me, Dad I love you so much
    Dad I love, Mom I love you so much
    You're the only one for me, I love you wherever you go
    Happy Father's Day Dad, are you all fine
    I want to save you in my mind
    Dad I want you to be in my mind forever
    I love you the way you love me
    I want to be with you, be with me forever

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