Rampage Da Night B4 My Shit Drop Lyrics

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Interview Interlude:
[I]- Interviewer
[R]- Rampage

[I] Hi I'm sittin here with Rampage
Whose album is comin out tomorrow
[R] I feel great
*beat kicks in*
[I] Yea you look good too
Let me ask you a question, what are you sayin the words
Are they violent, are they controversial
What are you sayin on the music - what is it?
[R] Go buy the album
[I] Go buy the album?
Well the people want to know what you tryin to say
You're not pushin that violence or fightin or anythin
[R] Check the album
[I] Well let me ask you a question
How you gonna handle fame and fortune as a rapper?

I'm sittin in the room, smokin a fat pack of boom
Watchin a crazy cartoon, plus my hours comin soon
It's a minute to midnight
I'm soon to take flight
I'm sounded right, sucka *****s can't see my light
I'm nervous, Ready want to know how I'm comin
The Boy Scout drop the true **** then I'm hummin
It's my check in the mail, with my book of rowdy record sale
All in my mind, when I'm bitin my nail
I just can't felt, I'm the heavyweight that takin the scale
I gotta get mine, so I gotta raise hell
I'm vaxin in this rap biz alone
Like a cyclone, watchin head get flowned
With the quickness, temple to type shape it is
It's the Boy Scout Superman that's with this
You know you can't see this, droppin street **** non stop
This was Da Night before My **** Drop

[I] Yeah I'm back with Rampage
And Rampage, I think your are afraid of the heat
[R] This was Da Night before My **** Drop
[I] Maybe there's just too much pressure on a rapper
Whose album comes out tomorrow comes out tomorrow
[R] This was Da Night before My **** Drop
Are you one of those New Jack rappers
who just started rappin or somethin
[R] This was Da Night before My **** Drop
The audience wants to know are you tryin to say somethin know
[R] This was Da Night before My **** Drop
Back in a minute

As a new artist, I know some party peoples want to try me
Why me? Because the Rampage is a mystery
Reingin supreme and all that, I'm packin my gat
The Boy Scout is up to bat
I'm swingin, crack the bat, it's a homerun
No way to rope son, I'm shakin at the top done
As I flip my lid, rap to me
Is a lifetime bid, I'm locked down to be shakin it kid
I did it, Brooklyn bound to reck the whole place
As my beats meet ya town
I'm stressed so tell me what's the phenoms
I gotta keep calm hopin the Red Oktoba album is the bomb
East to West, I'm still droppin street **** non stop
Right on Da Night before My **** Drop

[I] Okay how is the Last Boy Scout gonna handle fame
and fortune
[R] Right on Da Night before My **** Drop
[I] How you gonna handle the the power of being a star
Of being successful
[R] Right on Da Night before My **** Drop
[I] What kinda role model you gonna be for the people
Tell us Rampage
[R] Right on Da Night before My **** Drop
[I] Are you one of those types of guys that forget
Who you are and where ya came from
[R] Right on Da Night before My **** Drop

Da Night before My **** Drop, should I get hit
And hand pop to show all my rap peoples I will never stop
I've been rappin for 10 years, I'm about to go 10 more *echoes*

Written by: Roger Mc Nair, Rashad Smith, Trevor Smith
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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