Unbroken D4 Lyrics

Life. Love. Regret. Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 D4
  • 2 End of a Life Time
  • 3 In the Name of Progression
  • 4 Razor
  • 5 Final Expression
  • 6 Blanket
  • 7 Recluse
  • 8 The Setup
  • 9 Curtain

  • swallow my lies. as I obscure my emotions.
    why must I contset myself.
    always against myself. embody another likeness.
    death of true spirit. reflection brings question.
    search for another.
    I'm sorry. if I can't feel. I'm sorry I'm not real.
    pour myself into a mold of you.
    grasped to fast. lost my reflection.
    why must I contest myself.
    always against myself.
    imitation gets so far. but it kills from within.
    I'm sorry if I can't feel. I'm sorry I'm not real.
    every time I think I'm right. I come out wrong.
    every time I think to myself. I'm against my self. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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