Plies Curtains Lyrics

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Dear God are you hearing me
Really I don't know what they want from me

I just dare, my first back to school jam
And beyond this shit it feels kind of weird
'Cause now I'm at the college singing songs about my problems
In the same place I slept last year,
I swear I'm not bitter let's just make it clear
I'm just being honest being real and sincere
I'll tell you the truth and not that bull you wanna hear
Like how I like your face but love you better from the rear
Let me smash that, when I stand don't judge me if I don't call back
As fallen in love with pussy can have this all drawn backs
So save the over night packs 'cause once we come the love is done
You can take your drawers back
Excuse my thoughts for a second
I'm learning how to transition to win this section
Where all the trips are gold against the wrong attention
From haters that just hate to see me on if I'ma winning
I mean this room is full but I'm all alone
At war with myself antisocial
'Cause ages got content and all these nights I spend working hard
I'll be damned to have the same goals
My mom works hard but she's still broke
My step dad took my real father's role
My brother sold a zit to get some cash flow
To get me in the studio to get us out the ghetto

Dear God are you hearing me
Really I don't know what they want from me
Stay so dog my dreams can't see
But I can't quit won't stop
Till the good news close

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