Pitbull feat. Lil Jon Culo Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Let's go

Right about now,
(Whats up?) we need all the ladies to hit the dance floor (Dominicans)
If you got a big (todas las Cubanas)
Ol' booty and you like to shake (Mexicana)
That mother
Let's go
Pitbull, Lil John
Let's go (Boriqua)

Esa jevita esta enterita, tiene tremendo culo
Esta tan linda, esta tan rica y tiene tremendo culo
Rica chiquita pero que importa si tiene tremendo culo
Hazme el favor y meneate chica, tienes tremendo culo

Pull up to the club, walk in than I
Pull to the bar get drinks than I
Pull up to a broad let her know what it is,
How it is, why it is what it is
I ain't got time for no games.
Hoping mami that you feel the same
I got what you need to feel the pain, here's my number,
Call me when you up for an even exchange
Feel me, let me see you do that dirty dance, dirty dance
Mami feel me, let me see you touch your toes
Or shake that thang and talk with you ***
Feel me all my chicos, all my Jamaicans all my blacks, all my Haitians
Feel me cause they know I'm gunna run till they think that they
Kill me.


Mami got her *** and thighs like Trina and J-LO, multiplied.
She's off the chain, off the glass, off the flip and with a couple mo drinks
I'll be off to hit mine
I'll be wearing her out and when I'm finished paramedics gone carry her out, mine
The night is young and if it's shaved, I'll give you some of this mighty tongue, hey!
Be easy, go ahead please me, talk to me sleazy baby
I want a freak, a monster in bed, last thing I need is a lady.

[Chorus: x2]

Hey hey hey hey hey
Shake that A

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