Fury in the Slaughterhouse Cry It Out Lyrics

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I don’t care what the others say
It doesn’t matter me at all
I got the whole world in a six pack, baby
If you know what I mean
Believe me I’m a toilet, baby
I’m just shit and water
And all the officers close their nose
When I drive across the border

Cry it out and shout it out
And no one really cares

I don’t mind what your mother says...
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Track Listing
  • 1 Tears & Fears
  • 2 Kick It Out
  • 3 Bangkok
  • 4 Then She Said
  • 5 Cry It Out
  • 6 Time To Wonder
  • 7 Pure Love
  • 8 No Mans Land
  • 9 Party Girl / Pussycat Run
  • 10 Pure Love (Part Two)
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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