Edane Cry Out Lyrics

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Melangkah lelah engkau dalam keraguan
Seakan buta engkau di kegelapan
s****tara sepi yang terus mencekam
Rindu pelukan ... and I think I hear you're screaming
I'm watching .... wherever you go to
I'm watching ... you go to
Chorus :
Try to look around but none can be found
I think they let you down
And for a hero you cry out
So you look around, I'm gonna be right down
I'm gonna make it sound
Just like a hero you cry
Kuhilangkan kepedihan yang kau rasakan
Tak kubiarkan engkau tuk terlepaskan
Percayalah padaku kau tak sendiri
Ku akan dat6ang ... and I think I hear you're
Screaming Loud

Back to Chorus

All the sickness ... you live with ...
they all gonna left you so real ...
You feeling ... gonna take it ...
so real ... now you can be afraid ...
Watching us .. The craziness ... you're getting out
Now the drag you down ... insane world ...
Just like a hole ... you're getting out ...
Now you have to crawl ...
So you can survive ... and i'm sure you'll
make it through
The seek me ... they're killing me ... the loneliness,
emptiness ... inside me ...
Please take me .. God saves me .. And I hear
you're calling
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