Dot Dot Curve Crunkizzle Romance Lyrics

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Check this out jack and jill went up the hill to just to get
Crunk and jiggy hxc 2step and walk it out
Lean and rock and crank that mother erit souljer boy
Jack slapped jill
Jill cut his dick off and shoved it down his throat

I'm hot you not
Just look at my

I'm hot you not
Get pissed and growl like slipknot
Go drink your feelings away with that hypnotic
Listen to my vox there fuckin robtronic
When you get near and talk that trash
You try to make me fear oh man you make me fear
I cant stop sha sha shakin
I'm right here in front of you but your still numbro 2


Yea bitch ya!
Welcome to indiana
Where the bitches are bitches
And posers are posers
Full of mostly posers mayne
Give me my kings crown i rule this bitch
Duck tape your mouth shut
Shut the fuck up
Scribble your ass out with my fuckin yellow sharpie


I'm hot hot hot hot
You not not not
I'm hot cuz I'm fly you ain't cuz you not me

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