Lil' Bow Wow Crunch Time Lyrics

Bow Wow:
i do better when its crunch time.
niggas mad cause my money long like the lunch line.
im here fer now and ferver.
always at my best, even under pressure.
went from eating pound of roasts.
to Mr Chow dinners.
girls never wanted to stay, but now im kicking out bitches.
im the muhhfucking illest.
when yu see me salute me.
tell promoters in advance its 100 thou to book me.
the world mwaiting on my shit to drop.
nd when it do my shit gon be tha only thing to cop.
bitch i beg yur pardon.
this aint no jag, this a ashton martin.
yall muhhfuckas dont get me started.
i came from the bottom now im at tha top.
its so high, im way up here.
nd im tired of coming up short.
im going fer album of tha year.
wayne at tha 1.
im running the 2.
i see drizzy on tha wing.
but nicki gon shoot.
im getting bored with this rap shit.
its getting too easy.
nd them nigguhs do they thing, but it aint like bow weezy.
nd i do it, i do it, i do it to tha fullest.
keep a bad white bitch, yea im talking sandra bullock.
nd im all over tha radio.
im topping erry chart.
nd the war hall of rap.
ima fucking work of art.
got these bitches going crazy.
they like damn bow yu grown now.
now im begging women juss to leave up off my tour buss.
smoking o.g.
yu kno what we smoke.
riding in Ferraris before i was old enough to vote.
underrated on the way.
im juss driving fer perfection, nd perfect shit probly throwning nine-ty thousand in mt session.
knots so big, i cood barely fold it.
nd they kno tha flow hotter than poppa bear porridge.
fuck them nigguhs, fuck them haters.
kno my motto.
get that paper.
ya heard me.

yea, dont wanting nobody fucking with me.
now im on now now.
balling hard like ken griffy.
when yu make it to tha top.
they waiting fer yu to drop.
dripping like we won tha game, all these bottles that we pop.

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