Curren$y #CruiseLife Lyrics

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Uh ride two miles per hour so everybody
Get a glimpse of the real nigger who inside it
With my cousin G5 we hired up cloudy
Bitches getting stoned distant stand in the runners
Music turned up but the smoke where your lot up?
Must be amateur night
This motherfucking kids
Think they fucking with us they fucking stupid
They talking shit just to hear themselves
But I ain’t worrying about them
I got a life time subscription to that current driver
California prescription pounds of exotic
Running to their old hypnotized my shit
Staying them fly stitches
Not even trying bitches
You lying nigger
Smoking that middle class grass joint
Really high is you?
I would’ve put you down
If you wasn’t such a clown
But I figured I’d share it with my team
Cause I came in here with ‘em
Grab a plate Thanks Giving
Words upon a boy Pete
I’m laying switching
Chevy heavy so is my chain niggers
Spread it and dread it on the people mission
And the five hundred driven
Addicted to this winning
This the victory lap in front of the club
You want to get in
I ain’t even attending
Just maintain to my engine
See I got two million pulls
And it would be three months before I get the chance to get in ‘em
Take them out for a ride
Make sure that they doing fine
More money more problems
These prowlers I don’t mind
Standing outside trying to pick which one I’ma drive
Let my bitches decide
Appreciating my higher
Uh you never know homie
Come in tomorrow …

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