Gazette Crucify Sorrow (English) Lyrics

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You are the broken insect that is casting off it's skin
Because your head is broken you are drowning

From the bottom of your tied heart
You keep your pet till it dies
"This sensation is like a floating dream"
It is more than just imagined pain
The solitude of reality is unbearable
"Will I end up as ash then?"
These sad words were spilled from your mouth
Covered you completely

What intention do the pictures that were seen by you in your last moment want to show?
"The image of a falling butterfly without wings"
The shadow of the depressing silence is not touched
I don't understand why the reason of this grief falls into oblivion
You, who's stuck to this shaking body, you are the wind of the day on which I was born
"At least" I can remember your warmth
But the things I was burdened with aren't vanishing
Again I can laugh at this "someday"
I'm searching for it somewhere

So long me...
No matter how long I am killing me with this torture
No matter how long I hate these things I am burdened with
I will not even hold one in my hands

You don't stop holding me in your last moment
The feet that are paralised on the bottom of loneliness
"An image that doesn't stop rotting"
The depressing inverted shadow never vanishes again
You turn to dust and therefore my pain does not rot

Loved are the places that do not lie in the sun
The ants that are crawling on this earth gather to eat
I imitated your jealousy with envy
The pity blurs your shadow

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