Cumchrist Crucifixion Must Hurt Like a Bitch Lyrics

Divine is what you are not
Torture and dying are well deserved
The greatest hoax of all time
Decadence follows a line of shit
Pushed by a race of all-scum
Blind by a veil of cowardice
Do unto you what I will
Kneeling and praying, you must be saved
Sheep-minded herds plod along
Truth abounds, but you choose not to see
Never to open your eyes
Crucifixion must hurt like a bitch

Cumplete Track Listing
  • 1 Ditchpig
  • 2 Jesus Sold Me a Bunk Eigth
  • 3 Mary Had a Little Clam
  • 4 Crucifixion Must Hurt Like a Bitch
  • 5 Vaginal Bloodfarts
  • 6 Jesus Was a Facepainter
  • 7 I Had to Break Up With Your Mom
  • 8 In the Sea of Heavy Metal, You Are Plankton
  • 9 Let's Pretend I'm the Pope
  • 10 Jesus Was an Angry Drunk
  • 11 God Owes Me Money
  • 12 Phlegm Phlagm
  • 13 Jehova Probe
  • 14 Yaweh Is My Mom
  • 15 Ripping at the Flesh of Jesus Christ
  • 16 I Spell God C. U. N. T
  • 17 Battery Acid Enema
  • 18 My Toothless Bitch
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