Z-Ro Crooked Officer Lyrics

The Life of Joseph W. McVey Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 On My Grind
  • 2 Z-Ro
  • 3 These Niggaz
  • 4 King of the Ghetto
  • 5 2 Many Niggaz
  • 6 I Hate U Bitch
  • 7 Hey Lil Mama
  • 8 So Much
  • 9 That'z Who I Am
  • 10 Everyday
  • 11 Crooked Officer
  • 12 Why?
  • 13 Happy Feelingz
  • 14 Z-Ro (Screwed)
  • 15 2 Many Niggaz (Screwed)
  • [Z-Ro]
    Too many times I done been hated on, by 5-0
    Fuck your badge, I wish all of you bitches would die slow
    I'm just trying to survive hoe, and feed my family
    And I ain't killed nobody, but still rough is how they handle me
    I ride one deep, suspended license and all
    My middle finger out the window, screaming fuck the law
    I know what you protect and serve, not a god damn thang
    But give a nigga five years, for lessing the crowd mayn
    They got to feel me Devin, tell me why they do us that way
    The got me searching for the doja, in a newbie ass tre
    So I can cope with it, not trying to travel up and smoke with it
    My kinfolk in the maximum security, for no bidness
    Sick of I'm missing you, so here's what I'm fin to do
    Buy me hunting for badges, fuck a ditch I'ma dig a few
    The odds are against us, because we black
    So keep your heat in a stash spot, and always be strapped

    Mr. officer, crooked officer
    Make a nigga wanna blow the badge, off of ya
    We been living hard, so it won't be soft for ya
    Fiending to see your blood, until you cough it up
    Mr. officer, crooked officer
    We just trying to feed, our sons and daughters sir
    We been struggling to make it, in America too long
    All we wanna do is live our life, and be left alone

    Illegal search 45 minutes, what the fuck you looking for
    I roll on 24's, so the Dopeman is what they get me for
    And that's a shame, a nigga can't ride nice
    Without getting harassed, and facing 25 to life
    I wish I could make a citizen's arrest
    Knock the busters in the hole, and blow the badges up off of they chest
    Controlled substance on the ground, and it just had to be mine
    Fucking with me about weed, and they look blacker than mine
    Six months

    Written by: Joseph Wayne Mcvey, Mike Dean
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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