New Order Cries and Whispers Lyrics

Hope and desire *
The antique sea
Hopes and fears are
All we ever see
We made a contract
In a field of snow

A single release now
And he`s saying
Out of the woods and trees
Across the rain
>From out of the nighttime
Somebody screams
He`s on his way somewhere
All like he`s been nowhere *
I don`t know
Nobody knows

Small girl is lost here
On a frozen floor
What do they want with me?
What do they want with me?
I don`t know
Nobody knows
Nobody even tries
To find out what they want to know
* suggestions welcome on these lines

Written by: Stephen Paul David Morris, Peter Hook, Gillian Lesley Gilbert, Bernard (gb 2) Sumner
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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