Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw and Slauson Lyrics

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I like that, relate to what I can of use a fake niigaa
When love fall ..when you mistakes get you
Rap nigga they just want double date with you
Quick pick and shows this whores that you ain't feel a thing with you
Labels use to treat rapers like slave nigga '
'just be happy with your fame nigga
Shit change it's such a different game
All a nigga like myself it's control and everything
Pay attention shit it's exactly what I mean
Fuck the middle man, I said that '
It's eighteen 'was my pillow every night '
Wrong nigga treat me like they OG
I had a vision that nobody need to see
So my shit it's 'a little last to '
Broke my 'back to cash '
Imagine nigga next day we went to '
We bought a ..and a microphone
Studio it's far from 'but the ..on
Couple hundred 'that's my mama soul
Really stay in Atlanta but ain't nobody know the flow'
My bro did it like nobody that I know
Screens on every wall 'camera'
'double pain, bulletproof
'push it back the haters
'I got a life and they'll respect that
' how will starting up'
No details to a 'to a limitation on
'a nigga got a ..try to play with us
The demonstration speak loud so I ain't saying much
What's a charismatic nigga I won't play as much
Cuz life it's real when you live it in a place like us
'now my face its stuck
'how much they really hate on us
Could keep a 'get you hater up'
'.nigga get your information'
Watch it 'smoking 'take Jamaican '.
One day, I'mma have some'
'had to fight before we hustle '
'use to get some'
Mama had a bucket and a shut but we in't make a'
Blue colors 'no license'
'96 'spoke as fast to saving on '
'niga try to fade with us '
...true stories 'play the drums

I got this paper, no one in the street favorite ' you tell me I ain't faithful
Been through myself aint' '
Never let 'em judge you cuz they hate you
Tell a love story just to say I'm greatfull
I can sell a million mix-tapes'you just miss the
'gave no explication
Now I gotta drop 'half of a million cash '
Tell 'em that I need to'
...real nigga what you calling that
You see the game it's fuck up'
They can 'you can never had me on the '
'we push buttons
Still don't stop dog, count me on
Count me on, I'm in this shit you niggas..i use to be without '
I drive after challenge, I'm the challenge'
...I love toys so I'm 'bout to
I hate to lose so I pray to roof
My mind it's say too much'I
...I love toys so I'm 'bout to
I hate to lose so I pray to roof
My mind it's say too much'I
While I rap after this 'make my paper stack
It's like, it's like that
I think I'm ' I think I'm '
'I'm going crazy '
I never plan to make it through a whole nigga
Back to back five season to the '
Did my'no body be ..nigga
Drop the bitches '
'I should get a cover o the rolling stone nigga
I'm not a rapper or a poem I'm a poet nigga
And its amazing how I stand out '
I was put up and /'.
I was pull up in 'nigga
I was speak with my music straight from my soul nigga
I'm a California '.nigga
Hundred thousand on my '.nigga
You know every where you are nigga
Look I've been that nigga for the 'happen
That ell my whores go get the '
I rock a '.cuz my game it' classy
And wrapped the light before '
And know yoa'll singing to all'
And make examples for te ..
I know ya'll hate me for the '
I made examples ..that I lay '
I love my life you have to hate that shit
All the smart money '
And all the good nigga wish the best for m me
All this bad bicthes got some sex for me
Shuld I got bad bicth,thay down and stand in line'
'but they smell perfect '
Never argue but they '
'hustle o this game '
All money in, all money out ' guarantee you gotta live for today '.
You did 'til I remember '
All money in, all money out ' guarantee you gotta live for today '.
I shut to this game no guarantees you gotta live for today
I shut to this game, let's do it big so I can remember your nam
We still the nigga that we use to be
Black sandhundred thasand for the '
While I'm in the falsh back '
While a nigga check '
Let's make a '
I found my self sme tine when I lose to me
Throw that bottles'
Not hot line I can tell your '
'run the r=streets til the '
Without my jelery
I never let a '
Get money and the', bullshit

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