Virgo Crazy Me? Lyrics

Virgo Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 To Be
  • 2 Crazy Me?
  • 3 Take Me Home
  • 4 Baby Doll
  • 5 No Need to Have an Answer
  • 6 Discovery
  • 7 Streets of Babylon
  • 8 River
  • 9 Blowing Away
  • 10 I Want You to Know
  • 11 Fiction
  • Don't walk away, let me be around
    Let me smell, what I used to like
    On my knees - let me creep tonight

    I wanna be the one
    I wanna be someone
    I'm begging for my sweet divine

    Crazy me, cause I try to get
    What I deserve, going vaguely mad
    I count the hours, I count the days
    To stop the pain and to start the chase

    I wanna be the one, don't wanna be alone
    I'm begging for my sweet ruin maybe

    To let me know you're not denying
    Just blink an eye and I am dying for trying
    Let's go on fighting through the days
    Believing in our love and hate
    I'm crying and sighing again

    Watch ahead I can feel the sun
    Looking back, there was something wrong
    Am I blind - I don't see the signs
    Am I dumb - I don't hear the lies

    You whisper softly in my ears
    As marking bloody on my back - I was here!
    I take the blame - you take control
    All of my body and my soul
    I'm fighting and dying
    Crying and sighing again

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