Godhead Craving Lyrics

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I can't see myself too clearly, the clouds are rolling in.
I can't hear the noise around me but I know the sound of sin.
Where will I be when the world falls down?
Head first in the mud bent over with Devils all around.

Kill this craving,
I can't stop myself.

Calling for me in my sleep I hear the sirens flying in.
Can't turn back I'm in too deep I take another shot of gin.
Keeping the world from consuming me.
Can't hold back the demon growling from deep within my sea.

Kill this craving,
I can't stop myself.
Madness, raving.

Take me straight to Hell.

Calling for me in my sleep- can't turn back I'm in too deep.
As she rides upon my chest- pain or joy I love her best.
Takes me far into her soul- crawling, churning, can't let go.
As I ride upon her breast- takes me down before I save my soul...
Power Tool Stigmata Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Penetrate
  • 3 Eleanor Rigby
  • 4 Alone
  • 5 Bleed
  • 6 Fucked Up
  • 7 Craving
  • 8 Laura‚Äôs Theme
  • 9 Lies
  • 10 Memorial
  • 11 Headache Symphony
  • 12 Suffer
  • 13 Pride
  • 14 Afterthoughts
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