Esthero feat. Jonah Johnson Crash Lyrics

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Crashed down on the floor, hold your breath and fall apart.
You made a simple mistake and now you’re praying for a better heart.
Some of us make our own beds, we can’t afford to lay in them.
Remember I always have said you should leave me alone.

‘Cause I don’t wanna crash, now I’m afraid
That I’m going nowhere way too fast.
And I can’t hear what you say, I’m in a conversation with my past.
And maybe you wasn’t the brave, so much the praising what it got me through.
And somehow the path that I’ve paved just keeps leading me to you.

But I don’t wanna crash now,
Don’t wanna crash now.

I shouldn’t ever be afraid to lay you down,
I just wanna hold you in my arms again.
If only for a moment I could have you here.
Lady, I would never let you go.

‘Cause I don’t wanna crash now,
I don’t wanna crash now.

Come on in the sun,
When you’re scared, can face it down.
‘Cause here I am, you will not be alone.

Keep facing the sun, you’ll reach it one day,
Bame it on the back ‘till you can watch with me
And you mean to be free.
And when the sun goes down, there’s still tomorrow,
Don’t you be afraid to let your sorrow breathe.
Your strength is all you need.

Did you ever know you were the one?
‘Cause I can hardly even tell.

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