Lil' Scrappy Crank It Lyrics

The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present Welcome to Trillville USA Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Trillville Radio
  • 2 Neva Eva
  • 3 Get Some Crunk in Your System
  • 4 Goodbye
  • 5 Weakest Link
  • 6 Bathroom
  • 7 Bitch Niggaz
  • 8 Dookie Love
  • 9 Some Cut
  • 10 The Hood
  • 11 Crank It
  • 12 What the Fuck
  • 13 Head Bussa
  • 14 Bootleg
  • 15 No Problem
  • 16 Dookie Love Public Service Announcement
  • 17 F.I.L.A.
  • 18 Crunk Radio
  • 19 Diamonds in My Pinky Ring
  • 20 Be Real
  • 21 Gone
  • (Hey, hey, hey)
    We on top of the world boy
    Crank it (o-k-k-k)
    On top of the motha'****in' world (k-k-k)
    This ya boy Lil Scrappy
    We feelin' to crank **** up
    (Yea) we feelin' to crank **** up
    We feelin' to crank **** up
    Now crank it up a notch
    (Yea) Crank it up a notch
    Crank it up a notch
    Crank it up a notch
    Its goin' down like this y'all
    A-town, your town
    I love everybody you no what I'm sayin' all them thug *****s
    We got crunk *****s on the right, (o-k-k-k)
    I say we got crunk *****s on the left (o-k-k-k)
    We gonna tell all you crunk *****s to get nasty (that's what it is)
    Now we'll knock a hatta out ('cause)
    'cause we some head bussaz
    I'm just bein' me
    Crank it up a notch (I'm just bein' me)
    Crank it up a notch (step your game up) [repeat]
    I'm just bein' me
    I'm just bein' me
    Prince of crunk
    Take it to another motha****in' song
    That's just a intro (Crank it)

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