Blood, Sweat & Tears Cowboys and Indians Lyrics

B, S & T; 4 Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Go Down Gamblin'
  • 2 Cowboys and Indians
  • 3 John the Baptist (Holy John)
  • 4 Redemption
  • 5 Lisa, Listen to Me
  • 6 A Look to My Heart (instrumental)
  • 7 High on a Mountain
  • 8 Valentine's Day
  • 9 Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
  • 10 For My Lady
  • 11 Mama Gets High
  • 12 A Look to My Heart (duet) (instrumental)
  • (Halligan, Kirkman)

    Looking back to when I was a kid
    All I wanted was to be a cowboy
    A city cowboy

    Wore a hat and had two silver guns
    And I'd get a friend to be the Indian
    He never would win

    Him and me, fought a battle
    Chased each other through the alley
    Super me, winning battles
    Was my manifest destiny

    Then somewhere I had a change of ways
    Decided I would rather be an Indian
    Me and my friend

    [harmonica solo]

    Super me, winning battles
    Then I got a sense of history

    Looking back, it's no surprise to find
    Lots of people kept on playing cowboys
    Killing Indians

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