Waylon Jennings Cowboy Movies Lyrics

Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals and Dirt Track Listing
  • 1 I'm Little
  • 2 I Just Can't Wait
  • 3 When I Get Big
  • 4 All of My Sisters Are Girls
  • 5 A Bad Day
  • 6 Dirt
  • 7 Cowboy Movies
  • 8 If I Could Only Fly
  • 9 Useless (The Little Horse That Wouldn't Grow)
  • 10 Small Packages
  • 11 Shooter's Theme
  • My dad talks a lot about cowboys
    Like John Wayne and people I don't even know
    I like the cartoons on Saturday morning
    'Cause I'm only four years old.

    But my dad just loves cowboy movies
    He even bought me a big cowboy hat
    And when I put it on with my boots and my Levi's
    I can tell that he really likes that.

    I love to watch Nickelodeon
    You might say I grew up on Sesame street
    My favorites are Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
    And I think the muppets are neat.

    But my dad just loves cowboy movies
    He's never heard of Ernie and Burt
    I'm just not a cowboy I guess I'm a cowboy
    And I sure hope his feeling's aren't hurt. Lyrics © WORDS u0026 MUSIC COPYRIGHT ADMN OBO WAYLON JENNINGS MUSIC

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