Astro Cordoroy Couch Lyrics

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I’mma do it like this, I’mma do it like that
I’mma do it like this, I’mma do it like that
I’mma do it like this, I’mma do it like that
I’mma do it like this, I’mma do it like that

Chilling up in my house, on my cordoroy couch
My papa went out, free crib what it’s about
In the heart a bit stop, just imagine the feeling
Art all over my wall, keep feeling close to the ceiling
Tv stuff on that tv, The Wayans Brothers on repeat
Or Jamie Fox on Central, all these catch my attention
Stepping outside my room on my way to the kitchen
Ain’t eat nothing since morning, now my stomach is twitching
Heading back in my room, finally something to write
Sneaking out to the hangout, mom don’t condone the block
Stepping outside the door, gotta stop by the store
The Koreans is mad, African bodies galore
Hold up, get on the bus, can’t wait another second
It’s too hot to be patient, pay for my snack and I’m jetting
On my way to the bus bumping my music loud
Dude interrupts my jam, tells me your body style
Then he hands me your card, I mean mugging ‘em hard
He made me stop my song right on my favorite part
Finally off the bus, walking slow up the Av
Delies in golden crust, Jamaicans in dollar …
Stop and get me some peaches then I head to Lebron’s
Homie open the door, say ‘what’s up?’ to his mom
Put my bag on the floor, then we compose a beat
After like 30 minutes go see what’s up in the street
They go … start up a game of taps,
TAP to my zit, yeah I know that ranger whack
Like a hour then pass, then we start getting hungry
Back in Lebron crib, he usually got the munchies
Everything going good until my mamma call
Say she on her way home and asks what I want from the store
I say nothing, she hang up, then I’m grabbing my stuff
Ain’t even said goodbye, heading straight for the bus
I snuck up about the house and my mamma didn’t make it
The buss still ain’t arrived, ain’t no time to be waiting
So I run in the crib, put my key in the door
Then I look up to the sky and pray she ain’t get here before
Started turning the knob, seemed like the coast was clear
Look in the living room, it was nobody there
Then I go to my room and now I’m flipping out
My mamma sitting with the belts on my cordoroy couch

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