Pain Teens Coral Kiss Lyrics

Beast of Dreams Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Swimming
  • 2 Manouche
  • 3 Coral Kiss
  • 4 Accusing Eyes
  • 5 Swamp
  • 6 Embers and Ashes
  • 7 Voluptus
  • 8 Moonray
  • 9 Frigid Idol
  • 10 Skids
  • 11 The Sweet Sickness
  • 12 Invitation
  • pearl cuts and bitten,
    my bruised lips if I miss
    your coral kiss, does it matter?
    Does it?
    Necklace soft, new moon nail
    mark pressed so patiently into
    my chest if I look for markings
    left too late, they're gone
    What is meant by moments
    spent at little games like these?
    I know that I never want to be
    apart from you.
    Line of jewels around my throat
    Broken cloud on my breast, A
    hidden bite inside my lip
    A little nip, unable to resist, if I
    miss your coral kiss
    Does it matter?
    Does it?

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