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  • 1 Cool Zombie
  • 2 Stay In the Game
  • 3 Marrying the Gunner's Daughter
  • 4 Vince Taylor
  • 5 Valentines
  • 6 Darlin' Boy
  • 7 Dirty Beast
  • 8 Punkyoungirl
  • 9 Sausage
  • 10 Cradle Your Hatred
  • 11 Hardmentoughblokes
  • 12 Shrink
  • 13 Vivienne's Tears
  • 14 Who's a Goofy Bunny?
  • 15 How Can I Say I Miss You?
  • 16 Bullshit
  • 17 How Can I Say I Miss You? (Reprise)
  • For a time he lived in Tennessee
    A brilliant hillbilly
    A cool zombie
    The People there were real friendly
    Flat top cats and dungarees
    A cool zombie
    The town of Dayton suited me
    54 Pickup, eggs over easy

    Took him a trip to London town
    Goldfish eyes and a permanent frown
    A cool zombie
    We haven't seen ya in a while
    Would give you anything but a smile
    A cool zombie
    The pink's shilling
    And the body was willing
    But not playing with a full deck

    The dead man eyes a giveaway
    His baby blues a thousand miles away
    A cool zombie

    (Come closer)
    Dead man with a famous head
    (Come closer)
    Earning him a crust of bread
    (Come closer)
    I'll sign my book of the dead
    (Come closer)
    I might even sign your leg
    (Come closer)
    Here's my best side baby
    (Come closer)
    Ten words in my vocabulary

    I bought an A-framed house to suit me
    On top of the Vale in Tennessee
    The place that made world history
    The Monkey Trial of 23
    Cool zombie

    The kind of place a lost soul could hide
    Hadn't changed since Bonnie and Clyde
    This goes out to Ronnie B
    The sailor man on his Harley
    Showed me how good life could be
    A real-life tour of God's country
    The good folk there were good to me
    They never ever twigged
    I was a cool zombie


    Written by: Adam Ant, Chris Mccormack
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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