Merle Haggard Conversion Of Ronnie Jones Lyrics

Ronnie Jones decided to settle down so he married Annie Birch
Now Annie hadn't been around too much she mostly only went to church
Right away she started in insistin' that he come on up and join
He said I'll tell you what I'll do to settle this by dog I'll flip a coin.

Preacher used some fancy words but Ronnie tried his best to understand
Cause he loved his little Annie and for her he wanted to be a better man
But of all the things they told him it seemed that he remembered only one
He said I guess I'll have to go up there and tell 'em everything I've done.

The Sunday meeting just took up and Ronnie stood outside half scared to death
Regretin' what he had to do in there and tried hard to get his breath
There didn't seem to be much use to put off what he had to do no more
So he backed way up and took a run and bolted through the double lobby door.

Annie's eyes began to overflow in tears of joy at what she saw
The preacher took him by the hand and said bless you my boy tell it all
While every head was bowed in prayer some women slipped outside as if
to pray
Fearin' what the spirit might cause Ronnie and his circumstance to say.

All their fears were justified his simple life became an open book
Names like Dorris Cunningham Wanda Webb even Marlene Cook
Another kind of fire began to burn down in the depths of Annie's soul
She turned on Ron and used some words nobody'd ever heard her say before
Sometimes we know not what we pray for...

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