Gary Numan Conversation Lyrics

The Pleasure Principle Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Airlane
  • 2 Metal
  • 3 Complex
  • 4 Films
  • 5 M.E.
  • 6 Tracks
  • 7 Observer
  • 8 Conversation
  • 9 Cars
  • 10 Engineers
  • Oh it's so easy
    When parts take over
    My conversation
    Is nothing more than lies

    You're just the viewer
    So cold and distant
    I've no intentions
    Of saying I love you

    My conversation

    We are not gods
    We are not men
    We are not making claims
    We are only boys

    You are not strong
    You are not force
    You are not regular
    You are just wrong

    There are no faces
    This is my complex
    You are my picture
    I call you 'mirrors'

    These are not my tears
    Not my reflection
    Am I a photo?
    I can't remember

    My conversation

    Written by: Gary Anthony James Webb
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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