Becoming the Archetype Construct and Collapse Lyrics

The Physics of Fire Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Physics of Fire, Part 3: Epoch of War
  • 2 Immolation
  • 3 Autopsy
  • 4 The Physics of Fire, Part 1: The Great Fall
  • 5 Nocturne
  • 6 The Monolith
  • 7 Construct and Collapse
  • 8 Endure
  • 9 The Physics of Fire, Part 2: Fire Made Flesh
  • 10 Second Death
  • 11 The Physics of Fire, Part 4: The Balance of Eternity
  • In this the age of obscurity
    The world awaits its own demise and all creation cries out
    Unleash your devastation
    Like a pestilence throughout the land
    Bring utter desolation
    Let your judgment fall
    Pour out your power
    Pour out your wrath
    Assail the gates of sin and death
    And scatter the council of the wicked
    To devour evil where it dwells
    End persecution
    End torment
    End despair
    Reclaim your creation

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