Candiria Constant Velocity Is as Natural as Being at Rest Lyrics

300 Percent Density Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 300 Percent Density
  • 2 Signs of Discontent
  • 3 Without Water
  • 4 Mass
  • 5 Constant Velocity Is as Natural as Being at Rest
  • 6 Words From the Lexicon
  • 7 Channeling Elements
  • 8 Advancing Positions
  • 9 The Obvious Destination
  • 10 Contents Under Pressure
  • 11 Opposing Meter
  • Chapter one

    Slip and fall through the cracks
    Conceptual decay
    The shades of thought seem to systematically
    Fall away

    No through the herds
    Lost flock
    Pieces of substance
    The keys that will unlock

    Pauper lacking evidence
    No focus, no feeling
    Blind to the emptiness
    All dark, inanimate heart

    The temperature's expanding
    A distant landscape
    Caution while handling
    Wildfires that devastate

    Chapter two

    The binds that grasp and choke
    They'll cut you down to size
    Instinct will derail the razor throat

    Break through
    Break loose from the adversary
    Combatant apathies
    Down face

    Chapter three

    Accumulated storms of concern
    Like pollutants that invoke cancer burns
    Scars revealed

    Scabbed cysts
    Dungeons that fade
    An example of many things to come

    Introducing destructive heresies
    Flee from that state of mind
    Seducing the unstable

    Chapter four

    Motivate the engines to inflate
    The true outcome
    Entrapped by the snares of speech

    Reveling in the fantasies
    Pig return to the mud
    Swine, derelict unrefined
    Morphine state recline

    Chapter five

    Lusting after parasites
    Gut filled
    Criminals in disguise
    Carousing of the entities

    Skull tumor
    Sealed with the lack of properties
    I stand resisting claws on my back

    Writhing from the inside
    I remain intact, I follow things
    That cannot be seen by the open eyes
    Bathing in your vomit while penalized

    Chapter six

    Climates in vertical
    Amputate the beast
    Amputate your faults
    These produce fleas

    Soul torn flesh produced these
    Gravitate pitiful
    Ravaged by the things that feed and cannot
    Be denied

    Burn, dead, lost, wretch

    Written by: Carley Gervais, John La Macchia, Kenneth Schalk, Michael Macivor

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