Southern Tenant Folk Union Conscience Falls Lyrics

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I see you, try swords
I feel, I hear.
This kills.

If I was really still here,
There’ll be nothing but the past.
No spare express, no cheer left
What I live is my last day.

Thought past off these fears,
But I’m off the move away,
The circle build so small,
Can hear where my conscience falls,
You can’t hear it at time.

A signal transparence,
I’m not all.
There’s millions, millions inside this home.

Somedays are wrong,
They run into the next, they mong for you.
And how I’ve worked to do in here,
There is no real rest,
How can I still feel tired?
Is this blowing my mind?
Is this the long for life?
Is this the long for life?
Is this real a conscience fall?

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