Duke Special Condition Lyrics

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I am perfect,
I am broken,
Im adored,
Im unspoken,
I am lonely,
Im contented,
I am sane,
Im half demented,
Im belief,
I am science,
I am peace,
I am defiance,
Im the cause,
Im effect,
I am sober,
I am wrecked ,
Im a whisper,
Im a quiet,
Im a loser,
I am on fire,
Im an extra,
Im director,
Im a pen drop,
Im Phill Spector,
I am nothing,
Im forever,
I am right now,
I am never,
I am brilliant,
I am done,
I am deep blue,
I am ZX 81.

I am black and white,
I am color,
I am risk,
I am mother,
I am holy,
Im disaster,
I am fucked,
I am an answer.

When all these fragments start to roar
Playing like an orchestra.
Sometimes its hard to hear yourself think.
Its like the words are crawling back inside the ink
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CD 1
  • 1 Stargazers of the World United (A Love Song for Astronomers)
  • 2 Little Black Fish
  • 3 Punch of a Friend
  • 4 Snakes in the Grass
  • 5 Condition
  • 6 Nothing Shall Come Between Us
  • 7 Lost Chord
  • 8 My Lazy Saviour
  • 9 How I Learned to Love the Sun
  • 10 Always Been There
  • 11 Twice Around the Island
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