Warrior Soul Concrete Frontier Lyrics

Chill Pill Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Mars
  • 2 Cargos of Doom
  • 3 Song in Your Mind
  • 4 Shock Um Down
  • 5 Let Me Go
  • 6 Ha Ha Ha
  • 7 Concrete Frontier
  • 8 I Want Some
  • 9 Soft
  • 10 High Road
  • Inside, inside my mind
    Feelings, thought evolution left behind
    Look out at the shadows of weeping buildings
    Destroyers of your own civilization

    Look out at the dead of summers window
    In the heartland of the inner city winter
    The dying, the empty figures wait
    While riding a world they cannot save

    Love the dying
    Love the dying

    Species slowly disappear
    From the canyon of the new concrete frontier
    All races of the suicidal species
    Drawn faces, just fire their babies

    Love the dying
    Burnt stone crying
    Love the dying
    Burnt stone crying

    Written by: John Ricco
    Lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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