Tanya Tucker Complicated Lyrics

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Throw up a quarter, and I'll call it
Heads he loves me, tails he loves me not
I keep his picture in my wallet
I guess I miss him a little more than I thought

It's complicated
It's underrated
This is so much more than I anticipated
It's heart-related
It's complicated

Am I flyin', am I sinkin'?
Do it feel good, or do it hurt?
I'd like to tell him what I'm thinkin'
Right now I just can't find them words


We're walking hand in hand on Sunday
Havin' it out on Sunday night
We might be makin' up come Monday
Our love is never black and white


You love to love 'em, and you hate to hate 'em
And hate to love 'em

It's complicated, yes, it's tough
It's complicated, whoa, yeah
He's wearing me out
This is difficult
You got another quarter?

Written by: Bill La Bounty, Pat Mclaughlin
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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