Lil' B Complex hate crimes Lyrics

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(We are opening this through lighty)
(I wanna take out of my life and say)
(You know we should have made it and I've been made it out)
I am on here the nigga with the trap in the daylight
Take all off slow and then take a vacation
Give this old man with the same situation
He made this noise when I showed him that decay
Fuck around with me I'll blame no you'll figured out
Well I be keeping on shout out edge stone
Nigga around me keep it clichéd
A lot of pussy nigga's but I never ain't that pussy
All my life I had to keep it clichéd
Shout out to hurry as my elder brother
Shout out to kill you, shout out the entering
Shout out to l'ecole, shout out my nigga's training
Shout out my nigga irene, shout out my nigga ted
Shout out my nigga James, shou out my nigga Paris
Shout out to a mere, shout out nigga weird
Shout out to brotherhood, shout out to galaxy
Shout out diesel dollar, shout out to vorlass
Yea nigga this is a sacramento I'll dare there with no prods
Shout out through the belly, shout out trip tricky
Shout out my treasure lucky, shout out my cousin brainy
Shout out my two brothers, shout out my two sisters
Still die two parents, everyday I still losing
Shout out to Samel, shout out my nigga's Joey
I'll pure my nigga Lary, I'll pure my richless niggas
I can't deal with it, why they gotta kill niggas
This is all program, this was all the science
Complex hate crimes, niggas I will push you to lines
Niggas I will save life, fuck it, I am gonna fuck it
I'm taking a nigga life, anybody died tonight
If I play my cords right, nigga is going buy for life
Tell me, positive endings never been switched
Full stone gonna rid and I stay yella
Face bitch killer, put a lop in the wall
Sailed them off to the floor,
Cocaine rap but you don't cost lower
Gotta say this price is the number down the floor
I tail sips, hate to beg force
Still lose my crude when I will sap and let them all
Police say Lil B still losing at all
Nigga is like me, I was playing for the loz
Took the copernics to the someone right poor's
That's all about my life nigga, what about yours?
That's all about my life nigga, what about yours?
Is all about the world nigga, what about ours?

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