December Wolves Completely Dehumanized Lyrics

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the mind sweats, my eyes just bathe in sin.
I tried so fucking hard to avoid them, but I can smell their skin.
Keep yourselves only to themselves, don't ever, ever let me in.
Come and look inside, what do you think you'll see?
But spare me all of your pitiful condolences,
you'll get none back from me.
How many times have the lines been beaten?
not once, not twice, but three!
Remember words from the mouth of the winding road,
one of us, he'll never be.
Look at how they run, I know its wicked weird.
See them dripping from his eyes.
But look out, he'll be back to fill your mouth with those
poison butterflies.
Feel safe and perfectly welcome to sit back and watch how Devon dies.
For there are no feelings left, he's completely dehumanized.

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