The Beatles Commonwealth Lyrics

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Today Enoch Powell said [...] immigrants, "Immigrants, you better go home"
Today Commonwealth said "Say to the immigrants, you'd better get back to the Commonwealth homes"
Yeah, yeah, yeah - he said "you'd better get back home".

Now Enoch Powell has said to the folks [...] the colour of your skin.
He said he don't care what is [...]

So Ted Heath said to Enoch Powell.
He said you better get up [...]
He said to Enoch Powell "Enoch, you'd better go home"

So Wilson said to [...]
"C'mon Barbara, we've gotta swing!"
We gotta go back to that somewhere on the hill
And [...]

So Enoch Powell said to Wilson and Heath
"Buy your Commonwealth"

Commonwealth - yes
Commonwealth - yes
Commonwealth - yes
Commonwealth - yes
If you don't want trouble
Than you'd better go back to home

I went to Pakistani, I went to India.
I've been to [...] Calcutta [...] for that.
Now I'm coming back [yes] to England town - yes, welcome.
And [...] Enoch Powell lend his hand [...]

Oh, Commonwealth - yes
Commonwealth - yes
Oh, Commonwealth - yes
Can you hear me? Commonwealth - yes
Oh [...] Enoch Powell you'd better go back to home.

I [...] Australia, I sailed to New Zealand
You'd better come [...], we're gonna have some fun.
We're going out to India, we're gonna Pakistan.
We're coming back to Europe and gonna [...], alright.
[...] Enoch Powell [...]

Oh, Commonwealth - yes
Well, Commonwealth - yes
Yeah, Commonwealth - yes
Oh, hear me talking, Commonwealth - yes
[...] Commonwealth, but it's much too [...] for me.

[Much too common for me]

I'm going down Australia and New Zealand, too.
I [...] took to Pakistan and India, too.
I came back to West Indies and I had a cricket match.
I went to South Africa and [...]
Oh, Commonwealth, you're much too common for me.

Everybody say Commonwealth - yes.
Yeah, Commonwealth - yes
Enoch Powell, Commonwealth - yes
Immigrants, Commonwealth - yes
I joined the common market, but I was much too common for me.

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