Skillet Coming Down Lyrics

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Things are coming down
Things are coming down I can tell you
Beautiful the sound
Of things coming 'cause I heard him say

Division is coming down
I saw peace on a white horse riding
Love is spreading around
The most contagious disease we've ever known

I will drink from the well of the One who gives me life
I will eat of the bread of the One sacrifice
I will breathe of the breath of the body of God
I will dive to the depths and raise a new man

Racism is coming down
Not from law but a change in perception
Revival's spreading around
I hear the sound of reapers already say


Our knees are going down
To the One who brings far to my every bone
His Kingdom's reigning down
Who can stop the plans of the Lord I say


Written by: Francis Anthony Eg White, Lilly Rose Cooper
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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