Charley Pride Comin' Down With Love Lyrics

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My mind has been in a constant burl since the day that I met you girl
I've never had a feelin' like this to come over me
I can't sleep a wink I can't eat a bite I toss and tumble in my sleep all night
Baby it's the feelin' that I just can't fight I'm comin' down with love

Comin' down with love such a good feelin' all over my body
Your sweet love is all over me
Gone are my heartaches my heartbreaks I feel just like a new man
Comin' down with love I'm down with love

When I'm with you that's my desire my heart is like a burnin' flame of fire
Your kisses end cold chills up and down my spine
I've never had a good feelin' like this before it feels so good I'm a beggin' for more
No doubt about it it's for sure I'm comin' down with love
Comin' down with love...
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