Aaliyah Come Over Lyrics

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I just touched down
Quarter after two (black 1-0-2)
I know it's late(real late)
But I'm calling you(calling you)
Trying to figure if i(i)

You(can I come see you)

I know your asleep(you asleep)
But your on my mind(my mind)
And I'm wide awake(awake)
And I want to stop by(come on over)

So can you get up and get out of the bed
'Cause I want to see you
And I've been wonderin'

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Can I come over
Can I (come over)stop by(come over)to see you
(Come over)tonight
Can I come over
Can I (come over) get wit' you(come over)
Just wanna(come over)be wit' you
Can I come over

Tell me what the deal
Your not that far
Jus' got my bags
And I'm headed to tha car
Say yes or no
'Cause I'm on the road

(Um, wait a minute my battery's low, let me, alright)

Baby, I want to come see you
Said I really want to come see you
Don't you worry 'bout a thing
Just wantin' to hold you

And brace you
I want to
Look at you and tell you how much I love you
I want you, I need you, miss you


Hoo oh
Oh hoo-oo hoo oo

Hoo oh
Oh hoo-oo hoo oo