The D4 Come On! Lyrics

6Twenty Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Rock 'n' Roll Motherfucker
  • 2 Party
  • 3 Come On!
  • 4 Pirate Love
  • 5 Running on Empty
  • 6 Ladies Man
  • 7 Invader Ace
  • 8 Little Baby
  • 9 Rebekah
  • 10 Mysterex
  • 11 Exit to the City
  • 12 Heartbreaker
  • 13 Get Loose
  • Running around,stop fussing you,
    Everybody's talking,nobody's walking,
    Hanging around and around,
    So come on, come on
    Come on, come on

    I don't know if I'm going out,
    I don't care much for hanging about,
    Beautiful girls walking down the street,
    But I don't care cause none of them gonna meet me,
    Come on, Come on
    Come on, Come on

    Tonight at nine, I'm gonna sort it out,
    Running through this jungle with a stick in my hand,
    I'm gonna beat it about,
    All i want to do,I gotta whip it out,
    Well i'll be shaking out the shadows 'bout a quarter to four,
    You'll see me snaking like a cheater till I'm back at your door,
    Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on

    Written by: Dion Palmer, James John Christmas
    Lyrics © O/B/O APRA AMCOS

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