Marvin Gaye Come Live With Me Angel Lyrics

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I want to be your lover
I really,really want to be your lover
And you want some solitude
I want to be your lover
You can have it ooh yeah baby,
Darling please walk around me three times a day
So i can get cha baby
I want to be true at least three times a day
In all the ways baby
You can have you way if you decide to stay so

Come live with me angel
Come live with me in comfort
Come live with angel
Come live with me in comfort

oh, oh, oh, this is where all your fantasies end
Let me explore all your treasures
I'll turn you on to all of those freakish pleasures
Good experienced company
Like me who knows all the ways
And what you need baby
Just you and me locked up for days
After explore each other in the bed
The more i'll need you my sake

[Chorus: Repeats]

Written by: Jacqueline Dalya Hilliard, Leon Ware

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