Kurt Carr Come Home Lyrics

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You thought that you could make it
all alone in this old world
You said now that I'm grown
I'm gonna make it on my own
You've turned your back on God and walked away
Now if these words sound farmiliar
if they apply to you
Please don't hesitate
tomorrow might be too late
Give your life to Him and turn from sin(Turn from sin)

Come home, to the place where you belong
Come home, to an old farmiliar song
Come home, to the savior's open arms you've strayed away too long

You don't have to wait another hour/ he will take you in just as you are
Ne remets pas à la dernière heure/Il veut t'accepter tel que tu es


You've strayed away too long
You've strayed away and now you should come home....

You've strayed away
You should come home
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