Bethany Dillon Come Find Me Lyrics

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Why would I ever worship wood or stone?
Things that cannot hear or speak at all
Why would I want something that I can control
When I can't even trust myself to fall
I was following a cloud of fire and smoke
But my heart was too weak to understand
So I built an image with my fear and with my gold
Now I'm reaching out for Your hand

Come find me
Come find me
I'll be waiting
For You to rescue me

Don't leave me when I feel like it's impossible
When I feel my inability bleed through
Rip the veil between what I see and what is real
Let this fire in my heart be the proof

My faith feels like a furnace of loneliness
My rescue is invisible for now
But I can't seem to shake this hope so dangerous
I will love and follow You, unseen God

Written by: John Scott Sherrill, Sarah Buxton
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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