Charlie Wilson Come Back My Way Lyrics

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You saw me at the Mall just the other day,
Holding bags for my girl so you looked away.
She don't mean a thing to me anyway,
And I'd still be with you if I had my way.
The bed was so cold where you used to lay.
I got weak late one night so I let her stay,
But I found out that no one can take your place,
Cause ill still be callin your name.

I know it seems, I'm givin her time
She don't have, a part of my mind [?]
Cause everythins, still all about you
She just takin up space till you come back my way.
The kissins good the sex is alright,
But she ain't you, so it don't feel right
Cause everythins still all about you,
Shes just takin up space, till you come back my way

I thought I could move on, never lookin back,
Till I saw stumbled upon an old picture that,
Bought back the old jokes that I used to have.
When I sill had you everything was kool.
Now I'm feelin so bad about rushin it,
From hello to my bed, still its you I miss.
Cant pretend anymore than I'm down with this.
I'm letting go to be with you.


When in the middle of the making love [?]
I'm holding her close, but I feel your touch,
Your in my head, but I want you right here in my bed...

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